Common Problem for Your Kitchen Faucet

Common Problem for Your Kitchen FaucetIt is common to encounter problems with your kitchen faucet once in a while. When you have these problem, you may think that your kitchen tap is getting old or maybe it is a manufacturer’s reject. These statements may be true at some points, but before deciding to change your tap or complain to the manufacturer, it is better to understand the problem first and see if you can fix it by yourself instead of calling a plumber and spend more money. This article will elaborate some of the most common problems of a kitchen tap that you may encounter in your kitchen.

In the following list, the explanation and suggestion for each problem will be described to give a better understanding about kitchen taps’ common problems.

  • Leaks: this problem becomes the main reason why someone decides to replace their kitchen taps. You will probably notice that the area around the spout’s base is wet. The leaks can be in a form of drips or maybe the water will flow from where it should not when you turn your faucet It can be caused by the O-rings or other parts that worn out. Just go to a hardware store, buy the replacement, and replace the worn out parts with the new one by referring to the manual books.
  • Installation: there are a lot of people who love to install their taps by themselves. However, most of them do not pay attention to the instructions thoroughly and miss some details during the installation. If you want to install the tap by yourself, read the instruction carefully and make sure you have everything you need before installation.
  • General wear and tear and rusting: you need to be careful if you notice rusting signs from your tap because it may affect the quality of your water. Other types of wear and tear may include difficulty to move the levers or a shabby look on the finish. If you encounter this condition, then calling a plumber is the best option.
  • Water pressure loss: if you experience this problem, the possible reason is the occurrence of mineral deposits in the tap. Most modern tap can be broken down so you are able to clean the parts where the deposits occur.

Those are some common problem that may occur in your kitchen faucet. Examine the problem carefully. If it is not severe, fixing by yourself will save more money.

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